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How to avoid internet distractions

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Multitasking is a guilty pleasure we’ve all developed in the age of constant notifications and mobile applications. From checking our emails every ten minutes to scrolling through our Instagram feed to welcoming co-workers coming by our desk for a “five-minute break”: Multitasking can be one of the biggest hurdles preventing us from learning faster.

Think about your own computer. When you have 20-plus different tabs open on your browser, your computer begins to slow down and it takes longer to process every action afterward. Studies have shown that when an individual gets distracted, it takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the task at hand. What’s more important to note is that a study by the University of California Irvine found that a worker applies himself or herself only 11 minutes before becoming distracted.

The same thing applies to our long-term focus. Many of us aren’t able to dedicate the six-to-12-plus months it takes to learn a skill because of the countless new projects, ideas, or hobbies that come our way. And when we decide to shift our focus to a new distraction, it’s much more difficult to find the same passion and drive to focus on the previous skill.

Once you have deconstructed the subset skills that will give you the maximum amount of results, focus solely on improving those skills and avoid learning anything else until you’ve mastered them.


What are distractions? how they affect you? that's the first question you should answer before you start working against them.

Next is, why you want to avoid distraction. what do you want to achieve? what problem are you solving? Are you focusing on the right things? When you are not sure what your goals are, short-term mobile(social media) use will win the battle for your attention.

When you find yourself randomly scrolling a social media feed, it's a time to stop and think.

  • What is I am avoiding?

  • What is important for me right now?

  • Remind yourself why that is important

The answer to those questions will be the thing you should be doing

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