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Setup dynamic DNS on Docker

What is Dynamic DNS:

Dynamic DNS also called DDNS is a technique of updating a name server in the Domain Name System (DNS) with the active DDNS configuration of its defined hostnames, addresses, or other information, frequently in real time.

  • A Virtual machine or Raspberry pi

  • Docker

  • Basic understanding of Docker

  • Portainer(no necessary but makes docker run in webbrowser)

There is a docker repository just created for this purpose.

Follow this link to download docker image and guidance on how to set it up.


You dont have to buy RaspberryPi, you can add this to a virtual machine and install a docker on that.

I like portainer. It makes docker much easier to work with. But you still need to understand some basic docker commands to get it going.

Just watch this course to get basic understanding of docker.

Docker for Beginners

What is portainer?

Portainer is a lightweight management UI that allows you to easily manage your different Docker environments. Portainer provides an easy and simple solution for managing Docker containers and Swarm services through a web interface.

Portainer is easier to deal if you dont like Terminal based docker.

You just stop/starts with widget buttons on a webpage. Much easier

Follow this link to install Portainer on linux machine.

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