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Trytohackme- 13/09/2021- How websites work

Answer the questions below

--> What term best describes the side your browser renders a website?


Task 2

Websites are primarily created using:

  • HTML, to build websites and define their structure

  • CSS, to make websites look pretty by adding styling options

  • JavaScript, implement complex features on pages using interactivity

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>TryHackMe HTML Editor</title>
        <h1>Cat Website!</h1>
        <p>See images of all my cats!</p>
        <img src='img/cat-1.jpg'>
        <img src='img/cat-2.'>
        <!-- Add dog image here -->

--> One of the images on the cat website is broken - fix it, and the image will reveal the hidden text answer!

HTMLHERO --> Add a dog image to the page by adding another img tag (<img>) on line 11. The dog image location is img/dog-1.png DOGHTML

Task 3 JavaScript

Answer the questions below

--> Click the "View Site" button on this task. On the right-hand side, add JavaScript that changes the demo element's content to "Hack the Planet"

JSISFUN --> Add the button HTML from this task that changes the element's text to "Button Clicked" on the editor on the right, update the code by clicking the "Render HTML+JS Code" button and then click the button.

No answer needed

Task 4 Sensitive Data Exposure

Answer the questions below

-->View the website on this task. What is the password hidden in the source code?


Task 5 HTML Injection

Task 5 HTML Injection

Answer the questions below

--> View the website on this task and inject HTML so that a malicious link to is shown.


<a href="">Visit!</a>

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